Towel rails can be installed directly off the boiler; alternatively, one of the most successful installation methods is to fit it directly onto an Aquastar™ hot water loop. Aquastar™ is a small bronze pump with built-in timer that circulates warm water from the cylinder under the domestic hot water draw off points. As soon as the tap is opened, instant domestic hot water is provided, no matter the distance from the cylinder. Towel rails are simply plumbed into this circuit meaning that they can work independently of the heating – particularly useful in the summer. In addition, towel rails on this circuit are at domestic hot water temperature rather than full boiler temperature preventing any risk of scalding. Please refer to the Nu-Heat website for more details on both the EnergyMaster™ mains pressure hot water cylinder and Aquastar™ hot water loop.

All models can, of course, be fitted directly onto a standard radiator circuit.

  • - Guaranteed for 25 years against manufacturing defects
  • - Stunning contemporary range of options to choose from
  • - Made from 100% polished stainless steel
  • - Made from over 90% recycled 304 grade metal
  • - Easy to keep clean and highly polished
  • - Warm, dry towels all year round
  • - Can be installed on the Aquastar™ pumped domestic hot water loop

Materials of Construction

All towel rails are constructed from 100% stainless steel including the brackets. The towel rail can be cleaned using any available stainless steel cleaning product, and polished with a soft cloth. Small scratches and marks can be removed using metal polishes.

Central Heating

All Models are constructed from 100% stainless steel thus are suitable for any plumbing system including open/hot water systems. All rails/radiators are pressure tested to 12 bar at two separate stages during production. All rails/radiators have been fitted with half inch BSP female tapings. BTU/Watt output figures quoted on all our products are based on Δ=60oC. Please consult a plumber or a heating engineer to accurately calculate the output needed for your project. Important! We recommend that all plumbing work is carried out by a qualified plumber.

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